you can’t grow where you’ve died before

I begged you

For a year

To take me to the flowers

So I could heal


You finally did

Very underwhelming

Now you take your whores there

That’s how you do all your spending


On girls who don’t care

They are just there

To open their legs

So you get your way


I cannot love you

Until you become humane

When you realize the pain you cause

You can call me by my name


I’ll never be there for you

If you can’t speak the truth

I’ve tried to get you to spill

But it’s no use


So keep lying to me

Tell me you’ve done no wrong

I’ve been waiting for you to be honest

I think I’ve been waiting too long


I’ll stay over here

Pretend you’re still gone

When really I know you need me

But I was always just your pawn



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