what you see is just a ghost of who I should be

It’s sad we bleed so deep for each other when we’re basically strangers with familiar touch 


Because I’m sticking with the fact

 that you’re always coming back

 because I have what she lacks

Circles revealed in your tracks 


I’m in ink across your heart 

I was there when you fell apart 

I’ve been with you from the start 

We’re a disastrous piece of art 


You’re in deep this time aren’t you 

You’re so quick to get the tattoo 

Look deep inside can’t you just be true

We’re wasting time it’s nothing new 


At one point you loved me face it 

Now you don’t? Another lie left lit

Always been me and you it’s basic 

I’ll be here every time every shift 


I’ll keep making me

Greater than can be 

More than you could dream 

See things you’ll never see

snapping necks with my degree 

Living large that’s the key 

(I know you wish you were with me) 



i create

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call me karen

April 11, 2020