starburst lips

Please don’t sympathize with me

I do not forgive

I only apologize 


I daydream so often about killing you lately 

Pushing a solid bullet through your chest 

I’ll stay and watch the blood pour from your chest 

Until blood drips from your bottom lip 

Lips like starbursts lips like rat traps 

The only DNA I’ll leave behind 

Is one last kiss on your blood ridden lips 

This is better for everyone love

The only way everyone you’ve hurt can move on 

Is if you’re six feet under 

And your body matches the temperature of your cold heart 

I’m sorry it had to be this way 

But please know 

I still don’t forgive you.


And you lied 

When you said you don’t remember that night 

I know you do 

I hope it haunts you as you haunt me

i create

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