next chapter


Another beginning without you


I’m getting good at this


I’m starting to learn important things


Like trust no one


Because every being is selfish


And now I’m here


Starting over yet again


Breathe in breathe out


Let the good things roll in



I see your slips


Are you hearing my voice at night?


Am I reminding you that you made this choice?


Sadly this all your doing


And I’ll admit I didn’t think I’d feel you again


But I see you slips


And I screenshot them as keepsakes


Of what could have been




To say I’m happy now


Well, it’s a broad statement


I see you’re trying darling


I appreciate the efforts


But I don’t feel that lighted wire that used to wrap us


I can’t find that drive we once had


Maybe you need a license


Or maybe I need to take the train home


i create

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do i look like a fool?

March 21, 2018