i’ll pretend that it doesn’t hurt me that you haven’t reached out


Tell me you’re sorry 

I’ll know that you’ll be lying 

But I’m really good at taking half-truths and creating a whole new truth


Please don’t worry 

This just means I’m trying

Once I’m here at the bottom I truly have nothing left to prove


We were in a hurry 

Our egos in the air flying

You were the first I ever begged to stay and please don’t move


The first and last surely 

Never again will I be crying

I understand now that love is partly just a pretty rouse 


I know you can’t disagree 

That you see me now finally healing

And it hurts you to know that for me it’s going smooth



I hope you know I’m happy

A kind of joy that’s worth stealing

But for now it’s mine and I’m sorry you disapprove 





i create

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(nights) like these

February 21, 2022