i miss the green


your blade is so fucking sharp


all the others can cry all day to me


but you show up in a dream


and I’m stuck


it was always supposed to be you and me

when I kissed you I knew that much for sure


but you always felt so far


and all I ever wanted to know


is if you felt the same


You think you’re tough because you like your coffee black


But darling I was there when she broke your heart and she broke you apart


It was always me throwing myself in front of trains for the chance


At times I’d catch you slip and take advantage of your lips


I can’t fucking believe I let you walk away from that


I bet you’re enjoying the warm beach days and the warm beach babes


But baby I know you have sensitive skin

And I know you burn badly


and its about those moments

that you feel


and unstoppable




I felt that on that city balcony


I felt that when I watched his hands drive stick


I felt that with my feet in the ocean


Right now I just feel sick


I can’t help but think


I missed out on my first pick



i create

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