i kissed you in your car and then it was game over

As I sat on your kitchen counter, I kicked the knob of your kitchen drawer with my old converse I had bought many years ago; it broke off the door and rolled across the floor to the side of the room where you resided.  When I look I see you already staring, my heart fell to the ground in the silence. I wasn’t supposed to be here, but lately it had felt like I wasn’t supposed to be anywhere. But in that moment, with your blue eyes piercing me, my mind was silent.


All in one motion, you were grabbing me by the hips and pulling me forward on the counter to kiss me, my knees wrapped around your waist to pull you closer to me. At one point I was kissing you so deep that I didn’t know where I ended and you started, but I wanted to live in that feeling. Your right hand found it’s way up to my neck and you cradled my head while you slipped your tongue between my teeth. You send shivers down my spine that nearly land me off the table. I let myself lose my fingers deep in your hair. I remember thinking ‘your hair feels a lot softer than it looks’ because you had never been one for ‘soft looks’.

Its weird how you can know someone for such a long time and still learn new things about him or her everyday. I’ve known you for 9 years but here I am today, learning what your lips feel like on mine. I never would’ve thought that you would be a wet kisser, then again I never really thought about kissing you.  But now it’s all I can think about; I let you completely fill my mind and take off my shirt.  Button by button you take off my shirt. As soon as my shirt hit the floor I felt you grasp my torso, like it had been something you had wanted to do for a while.

I lifted my head to speak but no words fell out. You recognized this.

“Is this okay?” You whispered close to me. I was not used to hearing you whisper, which for some reason, made this situation feel so real.

“More than.” I answered simply.

Immediately after my answer, you pulled me into you and lifted me off the counter. You carried me in your arms and held me against the wall adjacent to the counter where I once sat. Deeply, you start kissing me as I grab you hard for support.  




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November 16, 2017