forever the one that got away – they don’t seem to like to stay



He doesn’t recognize the space I take up 

His mind on himself

My mind on help 

Rolls his eyes when I say excuse me

I wish I could be

Without so many apologies 

He said I had too many bad days 

Doesn’t even consider 

That he treats me like litter 

What will happen when I’m in my own space? 

Not more saying sorry 

No more unheard stories 

You’ll start to feel the world close up around you 

You should’ve made way 

Instead of making me decay 

I will not die due to love I’ve said it before

I’ve lived through an end 

I promise you will never mend 

They always miss me – always come running back

Treat me with love from your heart 

And maybe, in the end, you won’t be 



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