black hole: a note


It’s my favourite part 

The looks of realization 

The overwhelming presence of forgetfulness 

When I leave I don’t simply walk away

I always leave a huge black hole where I once laid

And now you will be left all alone with the void

As many men before you have learned to live with 

It cannot be filled with another 

It cannot be replaced by a new passion

Even I, myself, cannot fill this void for you 

Because once I have gotten up 

Decided to leave

It’s extremely hard to get me seated again

And you’ll walk around and see me everywhere 

You’ll wish you held my hand instead of your phone 

The silence won’t feel the same without me around

I hope it swallows you whole

And you realize 

What you have left in the dust 

Was the only thing that made you feel alive in the first place 

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