a classic skeptic

just tell me you need me

tell me that when you wake up in the morning you need your first breath to be stolen from my lips when you roll over in the morning and kiss me.

I need to believe you when you say you love me.

I need you told hold my hips so tight that when you breath those words onto my neck, I have no choice but to believe you.

Because you see darling

I’m skeptical because so many times before I’ve been told I’m loved

I’ve been told all those classic one lines

“i love you”

“forever and always”

“i could never be without you”

…yet I end up alone.

And darling even sleeping next to you feels empty lately because when your eyes close and I’m stuck awake all I can really believe are the whispers I hear around our bed frame, telling me you’ll be gone soon too.

And I guess I need to hear from you that the voices are wrong.


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