what i’m listening to

we can never be friends // mgk
(apple // spotify)

I couldn’t cry (Couldn’t cry)
I need to smoke, I’m feelin’ sick inside (Sick inside)
From seein’ you next to a friend of mine
We didn’t speak, but I read your mind

deaf (who are you)  // jessie reyez
(apple // spotify)

Go get ya bitch right
She all on my dick like
I am the one that got you in love
‘Cause I never miss, right

ankles // jessie reyez
(apple // spotify)

Lights out, strike out, I doubt
You’ll ever find anyone
These bitches can’t measure up
To my ankles

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I wish five years ago
Had an area code
So I could get you on the phone
The old you I’m looking for
Do I still live in your head?
Do you still live with regrets?
‘Cause I do

Do you got something on your chest?
Do you wish we weren’t finished yet?
‘Cause I do

jessie reyez – I do