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queen st w // jessie reyez
(apple // spotify)

You can hop in the back, ’cause my ego’s ridin’ beside me now
And I don’t give a fuck if your momma says, she don’t like me now (Not one fuck)
I peeped game that you’re lookin’ for someone like me now
Yeah, I got your text, but you can’t find me now

pine barrens  // jakey
(apple // spotify)

In the black on black or the white on whiteIt don’t matter what you wear when you die, right?In the 605 or the 212It don’t matter where you go when I find you

just go away // blondie
(apple // spotify)

You got a big mouth, I’m happy to seeYour foot is firmly entrenched where a molar should beIf you talk much louder you could get an awardFrom the Federal Communication Board

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the best advice I ever got was just to let it gofamily says I smile a lot more when I’m on my ownbut when I finally feel freeyou get the urge to message meswear you never miss a beat