what i’m listening to

bloody valentine // mgk
(apple // spotify)

I’m overstimulated and I’m sad
I don’t expect you to understand
It’s nothing less than true romance
Or am I just making a mess

don’t let me cave in (acoustic duh)  // the wonder years
(apple // spotify)

There comes a day when you rectify
Who you are with who you want to be with
And I can’t make the two things co-exist
So don’t let me cave in

ankles // jessie reyez
(apple // spotify)

Lights out, strike out, I doubt
You’ll ever find anyone
These bitches can’t measure up
To my ankles

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Youtube Favorites:

This just my pretty toxic

Heavy conscience weighing on my soul

Six shots in my revolver

When I’m on my own

pretty toxic revolver – mgk