bench seats


He always made me smile; I now see this was at the expense of others; when we first met he made the world melt away; I do realize that I had a habit of ignoring the clear red flags placed ahead of me; I was very quick to raise a white blanket in the air and you were quick to take notice – take advantage – but we together decided instead to hide underneath the blanket; we never were good at listening to the voice of reason echoed by every person we met; I remember the first time we heard that song of the summer in your blue pick-up truck, a truck I had convinced you to buy, a truck that became the base of our arguments; Bench seats were built to bring people together; Space was created between us when you sold your truck and you stop listening and talking to me; We used to go to shows that were so loud our ears would bleed; after you left I found myself at show alone and I couldn’t hear anything; My parents used to tell me I don’t always have to be talking – You were quiet with me but your phone was never silent; I got a new iPhone, the one with the three cameras; It’s funny how one day your phone won’t be full of photos of us together, are memories meant to be that easy to erase? A new iPhone update and our love was gone to waste? You always made me mad – I now see this was because I let you; All I did was make you buy a truck so you could see me again.

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not kids anymore

September 30, 2020